“To Boutonniere or not to boutonniere that is the question….”

I have had many brides over the past few years ask me if it is appropriate to not have boutonnieres in their wedding party florals. I think they ask me this because when most brides think if boutonnieres they think of a giant rose, with, gasp, baby’s breath, and a big loopy bow.  There is hope for this big ugly boutonniere!

At Nature’s Grace Design we love to create little pieces of floral artwork with our boutonnieres and corsages. One of my very talented designers, Charity, is a master at this. She thinks about the overall theme of the event and then creates the floral pieces using berries, buttons, feathers, acorns, and many other interesting and fun accents.

Here are just a few of our recent designs. Enjoy and get inspired!!!


A perfect spring boutonniere when Lily of the Valley isn’t available. These are white Grape Hyacinths with soft gray dusty miller leaves.



One of my favorite creations! This fun boutonniere is wrapped in antique ribbon from France, oh là là. The yellow Billy Balls and Kangaroo Paws are mingling with Kochia and Salal greenery.



This boutonniere is a snow white Ranunculus and a small bud, with a variegated Aralia leaf from my personal plant, all wrapped up in white chiffon with a flower applique accenting the neck. It is these small details like the applique that keep Nature’s Grace from being boring and bland!



A salmon orange Ranunculus with yummy smelling Geranium leaves makes this a perfect small corsage for a special relative or guestbook attendant.



Lilacs were a must in this Groom’s Boutonniere, so Charity had some fun and paired it with Hyacinth florets, Antique Green Hydrangea, and a variegated leaf.



This fabulous Orchid feather boutonniere is definitely for the city chic couple. With a cool modern edge, this piece is attractive and hip with purple Trachelium, Hyacinth florets and greenery.



This boutonniere speaks for itself, pure summer time fun!



Another of my favs! Burr Oak acorns, birch catkins and red crabapples from my own trees were the perfect mix for this wonderful fall piece, all wrapped up in chocolate brown velvet ribbon.



I just had to add this boutonniere to show you that Baby’s Breath can be cool! Another fabulous designer on our team, Melody, came up with this little number. A clump of Overtime Baby’s Breath and Ruskus greenery all wrapped up in black ribbon.


Photographers Credits: Kate Marie Photography, Harperpoint Photography, Rhema Faith Photography, and me with my iPhone.


1 comment on "“To Boutonniere or not to boutonniere that is the question….”"

Debra Torres
August 14, 2011

Gorgeous boutonnieres. They add such a special touch to a guy’s attire. I say, how can you not?!

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